Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Whitey Revealed

I've followed the "story" of the "rumors" of "the tape" at Phillybits for some time now. Ray even has a "No Quarter Michelle Obama Video Watch" ticker (17 days, 17 hours & counting).

Yesterday was supposed to be the day that the tape was revealed -- the stunning tape showing Michelle Obama railing against "whitey," costing Obama the election and giving it to Hillary Clinton. See Um, Susan, Larry?. However, despite all the hype, the tape was a no show.

Huh, you may say? As was explained at The Moderate Voice, Much ado about "Whitey":

While I have avoided covering this rumor here on these pages, this week we may finally see an end (one wary or the the other) to speculation about an alleged tape showing Michelle Obama saying “Whitey” in a racially charged speech. While real data on this has been impossible to locate, finger pointing has gone on from all sides. Some charged that no such tape even exists and it’s all more “dirty tricks” by the Republicans. Others claim that there may, in fact, be such a tape but it’s in the hands of the Clinton campaign. Most of the blog buzz seems to be coming from Larry Johnson’s No Quarter, where updates this morning and previous posts from the weekend claim that not only does such a tape exist, but that it’s “in the hands of a TV network.
So far, no tape. Just a lot of buzz about the tape. And, of course, Fox News joined the crowd, since talking about nothing sure beats covering the real news. Race-baiting: Michelle Obama Said "Whitey" In Fox News Fantasyland.

Then, of course, there's the question of what the tape really said, if there is a tape. That is, did Michelle say "Whitey" this and that or "Why'd he" do this or that. See Booman Tribune. But isn't that the same thing, if the he being referred to is George Bush?

In the end, I believe that Wonkette has distilled the essence of the brouhaha over the existence (or not) of the tape, Mythological ‘Whitey’ Tape Will Finally Ruin Obama:
Hillary/McCain supporters of the “sofa in the yard” variety have long dreamed of a magical trick to destroy Barack Obama’s candidacy — something that would transform the “post-racial candidate” into, of course, that thing racist whites are always dreaming of: racist blacks. The holy grail of this quest is a tape or video or some kind of recording that proves Michelle Obama is The (Black) Devil because she said “whitey,” which is a poisonous slur against whitey because it has kept whitey down for the whole 6,000 years of White Christian whitey’s existence.
In fact, if you want to see the Whitey tape, just look here. It's just another example to highlight the problems between White People & Black People.

But truthfully, who cares about that tape?

The real shocker is the video with Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton . . .


Phillybits said...

Oh my stars! Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton?

Oh do tell! Or are you waiting on unconfirmed sources to release the tape next Monday?


JudiPhilly said...

And why do you think Bill Clinton was at that Radical Black Islam meeting, with Michelle in attendance??

Inquiring minds might want to know . . .