Friday, June 13, 2008

Terms of Endearment

The GOP no sooner geared up to attack Michelle Obama than its propaganda arm, Fox News, obliged.

Of course I'm speaking of Fox News referring to Michelle Obama as "Baby Mama."

In making note of this, the Wall St. Journal noted News Outlets Face Increasing Scrutiny in Campaign:

In a campaign that includes the first viable African-American presidential candidate, the lines of appropriate speech have become fuzzy.
As Will Bunch said: Fuzzy?

Of course, Fox issued the usual mea culpa (the 2nd this week alone), but you know that we've only just begun.

Reflecting on this, I had 2 thoughts:

* Where are the feminists crying foul over the sexist treatment of Michelle Obama, a professional woman, with a Harvard Law degree no less, being a "Baby Mama"? This is sexism at its worst, with a dash of racism tossed in. See The Hillary-ization of Michelle Obama. Will the feminists rally to her cause?

* When will Fox use McCain's pet description of his wife, Cindy the Cunt, to describe her? I'd even watch Fox News to see that chyron.

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