Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Never Give Up

The Chicago Trib's Political blog, The Swamp, lists the options for Hillary Clinton, surveys the pundits and ponders her next move, Swamp Pundit Poll: Next for Clinton?, noting:

This would appear to be her options:

1) Bow out gracefully, endorse Obama, express interest in vice presidency.
2) Bow out gracefully, endorse Obama, say she is returning to the Senate and has no interest in the vice presidency.
3) Keep fighting, rally the troops, press on to Denver and wait for events to break her way, becoming, in effect, the leader of a competing party
4) Update her Netflix queue, order some pizza, and break out the Jose Cuervo and shrink from public view for awhile and reinvent. (See Gore, Al.)

So what now for the New York Democrat?

I think this video provides the answer:

(Thanks to Matt for Video)

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Gort said...

The video had me rolling. Thanks.