Monday, June 02, 2008

(How Much is) That Doggie in the Window

I've mentioned before that we have a dog, Ginger. Ginger, who likes to dig under the fence in our back yard to roam around the neighborhood. Oh, Unlucky Day.

We got Ginger after we moved into our current home. I wrote about Ginger in Mindless Musings:

The house has a big fenced-in back yard, so we promised our daughter the long requested dog after the move. We wanted to get a rescue dog. Our cat is from Morris Animal Rescue, but they didn't have any small dogs when we started looking. We ended up using to adopt our dog, Ginger. They have a great site, which allows you to search for the pet of your choice by location. You can specify type of animal (e.g., dog), size and area that you live. A description of the pet, with pictures are provided and then you contact the shelter or rescue group directly. That's how we got Ginger, who is great. She's not the Pomeranian that we thought that we were getting, but she's a good dog.

We are constantly asked about what kind of dog Ginger is, but we don't really have a clue. Our best guess is that she's a combination Pomeranian/Sheltie (a Poshies).

Well now, I just discovered that if we had the inclination (and had some extra money we didn't know what to do with), we could find out the answer by using Doggy DNA. A recent NPR Health & Science Report described the labs which, for a fee of about $80, will do DNA tests for mixed-breed dogs, so you can satisfy your curiosity about just what breeds of dog is make up of. You can listen to the report at Got a Mutt? Labs Will Test Your Dog's DNA. See also, DNA testing is for the dogs.

Whatever she is, she answers to Ginger (usually).


Jim said...

Be sure to check out the new Canine Heritage XL Breed Test launched this week. It now identifies over 100 breeds. This is the long awaited upgrade from the 38 breed version released last year.

Susan said...

Good dog/ great dog? Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

quakerdave said...

At first glance, your dawg bears a remarkable resemblance to my old dog, Sandy, known around here as The Best Dog Who Ever Lived. She pre-dated the current canine of the house, Boomer.

We had Sandy for twelve years. She was a shelter dog, and was maybe two when we got her. She was (we think) a collie-lab-something else mix, and was smart and stupid as dirt at the same time. And very sweet. Loving.

As much as we love the Boomster, Sandy will be with me till the day I die.