Thursday, June 19, 2008

Oh Happy Gay

This is dedicated to my ooh la la friends.

Jon Stewart, as only he could, provides the news report on the gay marriage in California:

The first gay marriage takes place thanks to a recent ruling from the state Supreme Court, and yet the state of California continues to exist.
Gay marriage in California. Floods in the Midwest. Coincidence? I think not. Jon also shows a clip of an interview of Brian Brown of the National Organization of Marriage, speaking out against gay marriage. My gaydar must be off, because it sure went ding, ding as he spoke . . . Hummm.

And finally, the reason for this post. Best line ever, on Jewish Lesbians marrying:
I don’t have a problem with them having children because they’re gay. But I am concerned for the welfare of any child with two Jewish mothers.


Anonymous said...

I am proud to be one of your many ooh la la friends! Maybe having two Jewish mothers explains why the dog is only interested in food!

Susan said...

Another variation: O Happy Goy? (Mixed religion marriages)