Friday, June 06, 2008

Killing Hope

As I noted yesterday, Long Time Gone, after Bobby Kennedy was shot 40 years ago last night, he died the next day, June 6, 1968.

As is often the case with political assassinations, there are always lingering questions about what really happened.

Tonight in LA there will be a panel discussing the death of RFK, entitled "The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy: Killing Hope."

It is being put on by the
Coalition On Political Assassinations (COPA).

One of the members of an lefty email list in which I participate is involved in COPA. As John describes it:

COPA is a group of dedicated academics, forensics experts, documentary film makers, medical and ballistic experts.

This June COPA will be holding a conference on the assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy. The conference is from Friday 6th of June until the 8th. COPA plans to stream the first night of the conference this Friday.

The conference will be attended by William Pepper (attorney for Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray and the King family), Philip Van Praag and Robert Joling (audio experts who have proven the existence of more shots fired), Paul Schrade (Kennedy campaign worker and eyewitness to the assassination), Cynthia McKinney (former Democratic congresswoman and Green party presidential candidate), and several other film makers and researchers. Full listing available at the COPA site.

I will be participating by posting the conference video via a live stream on my blog later this evening. The live stream will start at 7pm Los Angeles time and end at 10pm.

So, the conference will start at 10pm EST.

It's Friday night, so I know many of my pals will either be out and about or sleeping, but it sounds interesting. Check back later.

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