Saturday, April 15, 2006

Blog, blog, blog

My Left Wing Blogger Maryscott O'Connor is featured in a front page Washington Post article, The Left, Online and Outraged, which discusses her entry into the blogsphere as a liberal political writer and how that's enabled her to reach others with similar views far and wide.

Likewise, Blogger Markos Moulitsas Zuniga (a/k/a Kos) of Daily Kos was on The Colbert Report, discussing his book "Crashing the Gate" (which received a good review from NYTimes Book Review). As he describes in his book, he was one of the first to establish a strong political liberal community through his blog.

I read both blogs regularly and they are very interesting, informative and insightful. Blogging is becoming a recognized political medium, especially on the left.

At first, when I started to read the Post article, I thought that it was going to characterize the left as extreme and angry, without acknowledging the often extremely vicious, racist right wing side of the blog world, but it wasn't that kind of article at all. In fact, the article implies that nasty nature of the right was almost a "given," while the left end of the political spectrum has only recently begun to rant. O'Connor was used as an example of the new, enraged left. All in all, a fair portrayal.

Like O'Connor, I too have used my blog as a way to express the frustration and concern that I have with the direction of the county under the governance of the Republican party and the Bush Administration. Before I started to blog, I noticed that my anger level was much higher when discussing these issues with my political cronies. Now that I have another outlet -- this blog -- which allows me to think about and express my views, my anger is less histrionic. I still have the same passionate views, I'm just able to express them more rationally. I have also found that, for me, combining sarcasm and humor with my political views tempers my rants a bit.

Of course, unlike either of them, my readship is me, myself and a few assorted like-minded souls. Doesn't matter though, since I still enjoy my ability to write a bit and rant as necessary. For me, that's what this is all about.


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