Sunday, April 09, 2006

I'm Misunderstood

A NYT article by Adam Nagourney, McCain Emphasizing His Conservative Bona Fides, is the unveiling of the new & improved version of John McCain (or, some might say - me, for example - that the real McCain is finally standing up). As Nagourney observes: "Mr. McCain has long sought to present himself as a singular sort of American politician - straight-talking, iconoclastic and hard to quantify."

No more. McCain explains:

"I've always been a conservative," he said. "I think my voting record clearly indicates that on economic issues, national security issues, social issues - I'm pro-life - so I think I could make an argument I've had a pretty clear 20-some-year record basically being conservative."
The concluding quote of the article laments:
"I think a lot of people don't exactly get where I'm at," he said.
Trust me. Some of us already do, see, e.g. Sitting in a Tree. I'm just glad that it's becoming clearer just who you are, especially the folks on the left.

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