Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Vice Squad

A new article in the American Prospect, Vice Squad, provides a chilling look at the inner workings of the Vice President's office.

With the barrage of bad news from the Administration, which tends to shift the focus elsewhere, it's easy to forget about the VP, except as an object of ridicule for shooting someone in the face. However, with Cheney's penchant for secrecy, as described in detail in the article, that's no doubt exactly how he likes it. The fact that the public doesn't know what Cheney is up to doesn't mean he's not doing anything. It just means that we don't know what he's doing. And that's dangerous, because so is he and he does a lot.

The article is a definite must read to get a clue about the inner workings, power and influence of Dick Cheney and his Cronies. As described by the article's tagline:

They terrorize other government officials, and they'’re so secretive that their names aren'’t even revealed to a harmless federal employee directory. And they'’ve helped ruin the country. Meet Dick Cheney'’s staff.

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