Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Messy World

Today may be his birthday, but after reading this terrifying New Yorker article, The Iran Plans, I'm not sure I want to wish Seymour Hersh a Happy Day. He certainly did a good job of ruining my day.

I'm not even going to quote selections from the article. It is a must read. After reading this, I'm beginning to believe that Bush truly is part of the "rapture" movement and is trying to push it along. As Hersh noted in his piece:

Speaking of President Bush, [an unnamed] House member said, “The most worrisome thing is that this guy has a messianic vision.”
Be afraid. Be. Very. Afraid.

Gee, it's also Tom DeLay's birthday. My guess is his celebration may be a little low key this year.

UPDATE: Seymour Hersh was on the Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer today, discussing his New Yorker article. A video clip is worth seeing & is available at: Crooks and Liars.

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