Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Remember When

This morning on the way to work I listened to the Morning Edition of NPR, which had a fascinating story of a woman with a special long-term memory abilities. Apparently, she has unique type of memory. As NPR says:

Neurobiologist James McGaugh, one of the world's experts on human memory, says that a woman he calls AJ has a one-of-a-kind memory. In an interview with NPR, she talks about what life is like for someone who can remember every single thing she's ever done or thought about. Her life is like a split-screen movie, with the past running almost as vividly as the present.
The report I heard was the second day of a 2 part series. Listen to it at NPR: Here's Part 1 -- Woman's Long-Term Memory Astonishes Scientists, and Part 2 -- Unique Memory Allows Woman to Replay Life Like a Movie.

UPDATE: ABC News also carried a story about this amazing feat: Woman With Perfect Memory Baffles Scientists. (Thanks Susan)

This is for the Ladies Who Lunch.
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