Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello and Good bye

I'm sure everyone knows by now that Scott McClellan, the Press Secretary for the President, resigned today. In memory, Al Franken played a tribute today on his radio show. You can listen here: Crooks and Liars.

And, in a surprise announcement, Bush has named a new Press Secretary -- Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf. Upon reflection, it is the perfect choice. His previous position was in PR. He served as Minister of Information for Saddam Hussein.

You may remember him by the endearing nickname he was given by the Americans during the Iraq invasion -- "Baghdad Bob."

As Will bunch of Attytood noted:

Al-Sahaf, who endeared himself to American viewers as Saddam Hussein spokesman "Baghdad Bob" and had to be lured out of semi-retirement in the United Arab Emirates, wasted no time in fielding questions from the White House press corps about a variety of topics, including the war in Iraq.

"They are not near Baghdad," he said in response to a question about sectarian fighting in the Iraqi capital. "Don't believe them.... They said they entered with... tanks in the middle of the capital. They claim that they - I tell you, I... that this speech is too far from the reality. It is a part of this sickness of their plan. There is no an... - no any existence to the insurgents or for fighting in Baghdad at all."

When journalist Helen Thomas tried to show the new press secretary pictures of the fighting, al-Sahaf snapped: NO!"We have retaken the neighborhood. There are NO insurgents there. I will take you there and show you. IN ONE HOUR!"
If you need nore help remembering him, you can mosey on over to this site, The Collected Quotations of Baghdad Bob - The Iraqi Minister of DisInformation, to peruse some of his finest quotes.

According to Attytood, Bush has given him a new nickname -- "Beltway Bob." Perfect!

UPDATE: Countdown also has a tribute with Keith Olbermann's favorite Scotty moments. I'm waiting for the Jon Stewart clip to appear somewhere. . .

UPDATE #2: The Daily Show With Jon Stewart has two clips about McClellan's departure: Scott Free and the Scott McClellan Tribute.

Yes, Another UPDATE: I feel like I did with the Cheney shooting episode. I just can't give it up. Here's another gotta see it. Blogger Watching Washington notes that SNL had the advance scoop on McClellan's departure. You can check it out here: Life Imitates Art -- McClellan Quits; Rove Demoted. (Via Blinq)

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