Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saturday Silliness

Double-icious. This week's New Rules are all funny, of course, but there are 2 Rules that merit a special note.

One goes out to the Ladies Who Lunch. It's Rule # 4 -- "Failure to Lunch. " The Rule says that you have to take a turn cleaning the office microwave. His office is like ours, where the 3 settings are "cook, defrost, and hepatitis." Listen up, Ladies. We all need to learn this lesson!

The other is the last Rule, "No Pay, Jose," in which Bill Maher riffs on the fact that we should stop blaming illegal immigrants for driving down wages. News Flash -- the blame falls squarely on Congress (which is controlled by the Republicans), and which hasn't raised the minimum wage since 1997. As he says, no one could live on minimum wage; indeed, "5 bucks an hour, in an America where the luckier ones spend that on a coffee -- is a cruel joke."

It's excellent -- don't miss it: New Rules (Via One Good Move).

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