Saturday, May 06, 2006

Saturday Silliness

With the onslaught of news about war, climate change, corruption and abuse of power in the Bush Administration and related current events, we can either get depressed because we may be on the "Eve of Destruction" or we can decide to do what we can to change it, and laugh a bit while we're at it. I tend to subscribe to the latter theory of life.

With an emphasis on the humorous side this morning, I selected an assortment of video clips that will start the day with a chuckle, if not a laugh. Enjoy!

First up is Bill Maher. The topic is Bush and the new movie, Mission Impossible.

* * Mission Accomplished III: Good Luck Mr. President.

Next on the Agenda is Jon Stewart. There are several topics to consider.

* * On the White House Energy Policy: Strategic Hypocrisy

* * On Iraq: MESS 0' POTAMIA

* * On Immigration and the National Anthem: Lady Doubletalk - Laura Bush

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