Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sayonara Sanaya

Our office should be the subject of a TV Show or a novel (and who knows, with this group, it might be someday). We have a group of female attorneys, specializing in various aspects of health care and corporate law, practicing together under one roof (and a funky roof at that) in suburban Philly. We all get along and mostly enjoy our practices (and practicing together). It's the kind of work environment everyone should have, but is, unfortunately, rare -- especially in the legal profession.

One of our assistants has announced that she'll be leaving, to return to her hometown, NYC.

I saw this great haiku letter of resignation (via reyonthehill) that I thought was perfect for Sanaya (modified, of course, for job name):

Wonderful people
Fun-filled time at East Elm
Now I say goodbye.

We will miss her (especially Jane) & she better miss us!

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reyonthehill said...

Thank you for the mention. Sometimes, haiku is the only way to express oneself...
And very nice blog.