Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Spy Tales

The Daily Show provides its own special spin on domestic spying, Diplomacy, as does Bill Maher and Panelists Slam Bush on Domestic Spying.

As this Spy Tale continues to unfold, with new of spying on leakers and journalists,as reported at ABC News' The Blotter, the comparisons to Nixon Era are inevitable and appropriate.

Blogger Digby at Hullabaloo has an excerpt from a forthcoming book by Rick Perlstein, "Nixonland." It is a must read. Change the war from Vietnam to Iraq and substitute the names of Nixon et. al. with Bush and his buddies and its eerily the same story. Billmon at Whiskey Bar likewise draws the parallels to Watergate in Plumber's Helper.

Even conservative commentator Joe Scarborough could not avoid the comparison to the Nixon Administration, see Crooks and Liars, saying that democracy is in danger when the government spies on us.

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