Friday, May 05, 2006

Something Popped

Porter Goss has suddenly decided to leave the CIA. No notice, no reason.
Let's see, last time that happened in the White House, it was Claude Allen, who suddenly left his position, just before he was arrested for shoplifting, see Some Family Time.

At least they're not using the "family time" excuse this time. However, maybe "family values," rather than "family time" would have been the appropriate expression in this particular situation. That is, according to Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol:

I think there were either serious disputes or some internal problem at the agency or some scandal conceivably involving an associate of GossÂ’. Who knows? Something that popped this week and that caused this sudden event this Friday.
See Think Progress for video and transcipt.

Now, what could the real reason be??? Hookers perhaps??? As Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake said:
Everyone on TV seems to be buying the line that the Goss resignation has been planned for weeks. No natural curiosity about the fact that it takes effect immediately, or that there is no replacement, or that he had a meeting scheduled this afternoon he didn'’t show up for. . . .

But has the entire press corps turned into such a pile of humorless prudes that they can'’t connect the dots in the Brent Wilkes hooker scandal?

For the quick and dirty rundown on the "Hookergate" story (featuring the Watergate, in a delicious irony, no less), see Josh Marshall at Talking Points Memo.

And, as usual, pick Friday afternoon to make the announcement when it's something big. With the week-end, less news coverage.

UPDATE: Don't miss Maureen Dowd's sardonic take on this little mess in her NYT column, Poker, Hookers and Spooks (also available at Free Democracy).


This was definitely the year to pick "It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp" as the Academy Award Original Song Winner. Maybe that could be the White House Theme Song.

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