Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blackboard Jingle

As the blackboard notes, the countdown begins.

This is a year of many milestones in the life of our daughter. She turns 18 on Easter, she's graduating from high school and she'll be heading off to college in the fall. Fun times, exciting times and times of change.

I've mentioned before that we live in the West Mount Airy section of Philly, with lots of big old homes. Ours is big, but not McMansion-sized. Stone house, built circa 189o. Although the house is old, it has lots of charms -- fireplaces & pocket doors (that still work), a fabulous sun room and wrap around back porch (with a swing), rounded dining room & 3rd floor balcony. As everyone who sees it says, it's the perfect home for me -- and for all of the antiques I've collected and inherited over the years.

However, we do have some of the modern amenities as well. Our kitchen was an addition to the home, built by the people who lived there before us. It is a bright, airy kitchen, with lots of windows and skylights and it has all the stuff that any cooking aficionado would yearn for -- a Viking stove, Bosch dishwasher, Sub-zero refrigerator. It's something I would never have done (being allergic to most kitchen duties myself), but I must admit that I do like having it.

One of my favorite parts is the blackboard refrigerator. It's great for writing notes, to do lists and assorted fridge art. It a fun way of noting the happenings and holidays and celebrations in our family. With all of the upcoming events, the blackboard will be put to good use.

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