Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Count Us Out

Self-styled "Legal Tabloid" Above the Law can't declare a winner in the contest it styles as New York and New Jersey in Competition for Dirtiest Governor Sex Scandal, after its initial assessment of each state's position (sexually speaking, of course):

New York and New Jersey's rivalry has spilled over into sex scandals. New Jersey started the battle way back in 2004. Then-Governor James McGreevey resigned and announced he was a "gay American," who had carried on an affair with a male aide. This month, New York belatedly responded, when Eliot Spitzer resigned as governor amid a prostitution scandal.
Of course, New Jersey didn't want to lose out after the Spitzer stunner, so it responded with the 3-way tryst with the McGreeveys, driven by their driver. As Above the Law noted:
So as far as nasty sex scandals, we declared a victory for New Jersey -- but then New York filed a petition for rehearing! The Daily News reports that new Governor David Paterson and his wife have both carried on extramarital affairs for years. . . .
Declaring itself overwhelmed, ATL took the matter under advisement, not yet declaring a winner. However, before a decision is rendered, I think Pennsylvania needs to be heard from. David Letterman exposed PA Governor Ed Rendell's own scandal:

(Video via PoliJAM Blog)

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