Sunday, March 16, 2008

Back At You

A few weeks ago, on SNL's Weekend Update, Women's News segment, Tina Fey gave one of the best lines of the campaign season, referring to Hillary Clinton -- Bitch is the New Black.

Giving equal time to the contrary view, Tracy Morgan responds. As Malcolm of My Two Cents notes, Tracy Morgan SNL Line:

Tracy Morgan, on tonight’s episode of Saturday Night Live, gave what I consider to be a new “classic line”.

Acting as a guest on the “Weekend Update” segment, Morgan said:

“…my friend Tina Fey was on the show a few weeks ago talking about Hillary Clinton, and said ‘Bitch is the new black’”

“… I love you Tina, but guess what… black is the new President, Bitch”

Classic word play.
True that. Now this is the sort of Point, Counter-Point I can appreciate.

A shorter clip of the video can be found at My Two Cents.

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