Sunday, March 02, 2008

And Then There Were More

Last week may have been the last debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in real life, but the beat goes on on Saturday Night Live. Following the SNL version last Saturday, The Last Great Debate, the debate continues, this week with "Brian Williams" and "Tim Russert."

The best was "Hillary's" riff on how an aggressive, relentless and demanding individual is needed to fight big business. Someone so grating, annoying and shrill, that the special interests will have to say: Enough -- we give up. Just give her what she wants so she'll shut up and leave us in peace. I cracked up, because I've been told that that's the secret of my success in negotiating for my clients -- I wear my opponent down by being relentless, until they finally say "enough."

The skit also ends with an "Editorial Response" to last week's Week-end Update, Bitch is the New Black, with an appearance by Hillary Clinton.

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