Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama on Race & Religion

After speaking last night at a dinner of the Society of Irish Women in Scranton, where Barack O'Bama revealed his Irish heritage to the crowd, Obama joins ‘green’ party, he announced that he's planning to give a speech today at the National Constitution Center in Philly on race and religion, Obama to deliver Phila. speech on race.

However, I have it on good information that the speech will not be what most people are expecting, a defining speech on race relations and the Rev. Wright. Instead, in what will no doubt be a stunning twist to the issue, Andy Borowitz reveals:

Buffeted by criticism of his controversial Christian pastor while continuing to quell rumors that he is a Muslim, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill) took a bold step today to settle questions about his religious faith once and for all.

'I am converting to Judaism, effective immediately,' Mr. Obama told reporters at a press conference in Scarsdale, New York, adding that he would change his middle name from 'Hussein' to 'Murray.'

As a sign of commitment to his new faith, the Illinois Senator said that he anticipated being Bar Mitzvahed sometime between now and the crucial Pennsylvania primary and that he would no longer campaign on Saturdays.

In a subtle sign of the shift in his religious affiliation, Mr. Obama's signature catchphrase "Yes, we can," was nowhere to be found in his speech, replaced instead by "L'Chaim."

See Obama Converts to Judaism.

Of course, the next question pondered by the press will be whether America is ready for the first Jewish president.

UPDATE: For a video of O'Bama's speech before the Scranton Society of Irish Women, see Gort42. After acknowledging his Irish lineage, now we know where he gets his gift of gab.

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Steve Gimbel said...

Next week, Geraldine Ferrarro says on FoxNews that he's only got the lead in pledged delegates because of the Rothchild family and the Elders of Zion.