Monday, March 03, 2008

Who's Dumb?

As Feministing notes, the Washington Post had a dumb piece about dumb women in yesterday's Outlook section of the paper. Of course, the dumb paper can't decide how best to slam women, so they keep trying, by changing the piece's caption.

Question: As a woman, which way do you prefer to be called stupid?

Answer: Neither. However, the only dumb thing was the article (and the paper for publishing it).

P.S. To the extent that there are stupid women, I guess that they are the ones who are dumb enough to read the Washington Post.

UPDATE: Just kidding, says the Post's Outlook editor. According to Michael Calderone of the Politico, Wash Post editor says controversial piece was 'tongue-in-cheek'. Right. I guess the WP really does think women are too stupid to understand what the article meant when they read it. He needed to 'xplain it to us.

See also, WaPo Writer Proves Own Thesis With Inane Op-Ed.

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