Friday, March 07, 2008

True That

As a follow up to my musings on the state of the primary as it barrels into Pennsylvania, see The Tipping Point, I came across the thoughts of a few others on current events that I had to share.

My favorite quote on the upcoming race in Pennsylvania comes from Done With Mirrors:

"Meet Pennsylvania, the new Florida. Also known as 'Pennsyl-tucky,' 'Philadelphia at one end, Pittsburgh at the other, and Alabama in between.' Sometimes along around next month, our Eagles fans and Amish will choose your next president."
In my earlier post, I mentioned that I was concerned that if Clinton bullies her way into the nomination for the Democratic ticket, that the fans of Obama might sit out the main show or, even worse, vote for McCain.

Via Suburban Guerrilla, is an even worse scenario -- that Clinton takes the nomination by way of nasty, underhanded political trickery at the Convention in Denver, which will cause an outbreak of riots -- and attendant violence -- to rival the '68 Chicago demonstrations. See Some Apocalyptic Observations on the Democratic Nomination Fight from Here on Out. Based upon the increased level of violence that exists in this country today, that is not an unrealistic possibility.

I hope all of the nervous nellies on the progressive side of the political spectrum (me included) are way wrong, and that the party will -- sooner or later -- pick a nominee and all of us will unite behind the candidate to go forth and win in November.

The alternative? As Atrios aptly avers:
"Not that anyone listens to me, but if the person who becomes the nominee fails to win the general election then he/she will become a reviled figure in Democratic politics."

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